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The year 2020 kinda kicked off with a bang. It goes without saying that many of us have been white knuckling this life ride for the past six months. Some have referred to this year as the Jumanji game, and they’re not too far off track. As you very well know – it’s basically been one thing after the other, and we’re all over here with our guard up, waiting for what’s next. From the economic fallout caused by a “pandemic,” to now, civil unrest due to politically driven race wars. Yeah, I went there. I know my blog typically revolves more so around my health walk, and faith based encouragement. But how many blogs can I drone on and on about regarding nerve pain?

I’m here to call a spade a spade. Let’s be honest – none of us willingly signed up for any of this. This world is in a mess, and that’s no shocker. It doesn’t help matters that the media is using all of this chaos to their advantage, drawing more than lines in the sand between citizens. There’s massive weight behind what’s truly going on – and while it may be bold to say, we ain’t outta the thick of it. There’ll be more. With power hungry corrupt politicians sucking up good oxygen, they’re suffocating this nation – and they’re being thorough. By using eager media outlets, the puppeteer hands are effortlessly weaponizing selective material, and distributing controversy and methods of diversion like a plague. Many are so blind to it. I’m not here to offend, but rather be a platform of objective truth – something that others in social media outlets that have mass followings, are incapable of.

Ya know, ever since the COVID scare, we’ve had these patented terms and phrases shoved down our throats. I don’t need to name them, you already know what they are. But, the one that’s standing out the most to me right now, is “we’re all in this together.”

Are we?

Because I’m not so sure, given the division that’s spreading like wildfire. When push comes to shove, and true freedoms begin to be snatched away, will we as citizens, take a stand together? Or will we not only allow, but welcome fat bellied politicians to decide what we need?

Think about that.

These bold words aren’t indicative of me pushing my faith to the side. Quite the contrary. Sometimes faith requires less timidity, and more courage. If you need examples, take a flip through the Old Testament. Some of those people underwent insane tests of faith, and trudged through some pretty bleak places. Think about where we are as a nation right now.

I’m still battling hundreds of nerve tumors, the battle hasn’t changed much for me in terms of Neurofibromatosis. I’ve needed to retrain my mind and spirit to tolerate more, even more than it already does. I have no doubt that you all have needed to do the same. While the majority might not battle nerve tumors – there’s equally the same amount of people who battle silent wars, physical, mental, what have you – that’s completely unique to the individual. And the willingness to plow forward in humility, and grace, in the midst of the battle that’s being fought – is honorable. Maintain your line through confidence, but in the measure of composure. While not always easy, it is attainable.

What I’m getting at is, I’ve needed to pick up even more of a shield and sword, since the economic gauntlet was thrown down. I wasn’t ready, as I’m sure none of you were either. Does that mean I feel the need to riot and loot in a criminal fashion? Not hardly. The type of sword and shield that I wield are composed bold words, undoubtedly. Usually drenched in my own originality of course, albeit, it’s an honest effort to exhibit words of honorable intentions, or “objective truth,” if you will. I refuse to silence, when there’s an opportunity to defend societal ills that are rapidly being buried. I will stand up for integrity, and for ethics.

Whether it’s a valiant voice or a valiant pen, there is a place, and there is ample room to petition for more than one passionate cause.


A Minneapolis man was murdered, and it’s tragic. We all know the details of it – so I don’t feel the need to regurgitate the specifics of his death. It was wrong, and it shouldn’t have happened. The officers are being charged, and rightfully so. We also all know this is the masses making this about a race they feel is targeted, and persecuted. There are without a doubt numerous corrupt perpetrators of the law, that’s no secret. But where is the outrage over the millions of babies within that same race, that are slaughtered by means of abortion, every day? Where is the outrage for the fallen, because of the violence that circulates within the parameters of that one specific race? Do not all lives matter when you’re in pursuit of justice? Where are the campaigners for equality and fairness in these regards? Why are we accepting more unwarranted violence for a “cause” or for a “fight for justice,” when there’s inconsistencies for the “cause” in it’s entirety? This objective truth is gonna ruffle a few feathers – I’m aware. I may even lose followers, I may even get a few nasty insults. But I’ll take the harsh criticism as an admission of guilt.

Look, these life disruptions have overthrown our sense of normalcy and comforts. They’ve wrecked civil function. They’ve skewed the moral compass. And they’ve borderline almost obliterated any chance at civil camaraderie. There will be corruption, evil and greed until the day the Lord returns. There’s a lot we can’t change, because we can’t flip the “morals” switch on every human. We can’t change selective persecution, any more than we can change animal cruelty, or child pedophilia. It’s a spirit problem, not a flesh problem.


I’m calling for anyone and everyone to answer the call. When you have the chance to right the wrongs in an orderly and ethical manner – answer the call. When you’re faced with mob brutality, driven by rage and a lack of a moral compass – answer the call. Hold the line. Fight with honor and principle, not with fleeting emotions and a faltering sense of character. Just because the crowd is doing it, doesn’t make it acceptable or morally right.

I’m not a proprietor of violence or anarchy – I’m just a soldier, fighting for the faith that Jesus came to die for. He came to die, and save every life. He loves all flaws, and colors. This world has a way of forcing it’s inhabitants to teeter on the edge of temporal peer pressures. Don’t fall for it.

I’m asking you to answer the call of a different caliber.

Don’t coordinate hate – but instead, help facilitate order. Orchestrate valor, not morally bankrupt insurgency. Become a wordsmith for unspoken injustices that are conveniently buried.

Fight with integrity, and not lawlessness. Be the patriot this nation needs. We have soldiers that are dying every day to protect America.

Make it worth their while.

7 comments on “Answer The Call

  1. Leslie, You are absolutely on point. Equality is for all humanity, which includes whites, Blacks, browns and others. Violent behavior, looting, killing, and lack of respect for law and order is leading to the destruction of the U.S.A. This makes me very sad, but I’m reassured that others also relate to what you put down on Paper.

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  2. ghog36 says:

    Beautifully written
    Lynn( schwannomatosis patient)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jeanne Mary Roderick says:

    So wonderfully said. Just Beautiful!!! Thank you, Leslie.
    I am doing my best to “answer the call”!

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    1. ❤❤ You always do! Love you!


  4. Tracey says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the current issues and events. I agree with everything you wrote.

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  5. Pam says:

    Leslie you are brave and compassionate about the way that you feel. I love the fire inside you. You would not be the woman you are today had you not gone through and continue to live through if it weren’t for the pain your fragile body feels each and every day. Your Faith in God and Commitment to the written word is inspiring. I admire what you express and how you expressed it.

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