Authentic Defense and Instinctive Munitions

Life’s many battles, and their genuine reflexive response demonstrate the soul’s truth.

It’s hard to mask or camouflage an embedded instinctual response to a particular situation or circumstance. Shriveling up, punching a wall, blasting music, or endless crying aren’t everyone’s cup of tea in terms of dealing with daily stresses, or cataclysmic events. Some retreat entirely to a more subdue coping method. Some are well balanced, and actually successfully accomplish their coping with instinctual calmness, kindness and prayer, level headed in all aspects.

I think I know maybe two people, total….. that respond that way.

And if you do too, then consider yourself blessed, because it’s rare. They harmonize situations flawlessly, and induce peace within the soul that’s struggling to save face.

Myself and almost seemingly almost everyone I know respond in a slightly more passionate way. Often, this instinctive munition is mistaken, misjudged, misread, or taken completely out of context. Many take this instinctive reaction, or authentic defense , personally. Others can’t tolerate ranges of tone – because they too…. have their distinct reflexive reaction, or “authentic defense,” as well.

Is it any wonder why we are all at odds and in contention with one another?

We all operate on different emotional ‘wires,’ and often, those wires get crossed and spaz out for a short period of time.

For demonstrative purposes, let’s just correlate human energy and emotion, to something that has a lot of naturally occurring energy… a lightning storm. Attacks on our social being, consist of “shooting sparks,” or harsh words that travel quick… and with the shocking power that inevitably stimulates our authentic “instinctive munitions.” Whether it comes from another, or be it, ourselves, the verbal or physical contention we find ourselves a part of, induces us to spray verbal bullets of frustration, fear, anger, and or irrationality, in reflection of powerlessness, or confusion, maybe even annoyance, or resentment in a situation.

Our passionate ‘defense mechanism,’ essentially outlines our particular vulnerable areas because we are quick to defend our position, or situation. However, it also sometimes presents the frame work of our strength…. the strength to stand our ground because the turf we stand upon is made up of the blood, sweat, and tears that brought us there in the first place.

So, why attack? We do it because we are primed.

We do it because we are sensitive to a situation, but only because we are preoccupied with other mental distractions, so, our short-wired reaction, is, believe it or not, also present in our short-wired attacker. Think it isn’t so? Maybe you’re right. Maybe our perception is skewed. Maybe we mistake the other’s ‘authentic defense,’ as a straight up mutiny against us, because of the intensity of their ‘instinctual munitions.’

So, who is in the wrong?

Good question.

Everyone battles something. The reaction we receive, is often the reflection of the intensity of the battle that the other person is fighting.

I see it happen every day in various avenues, be it on a personal level, or a completely unfamiliar and unbiased level. It’s all carried out the same way, it’s amazing.

It’s the cashier that is being hastily summoned to her register when the crowds get thick. Her patience wears thin, and she verbally snaps in front of patrons of the store because she is floating around the store doing other’s jobs. Her home life is catastrophically out of sorts, so her short wired reaction is a reflection of so much more than what her present situation is encompassing.

It’s the chef that is a one man show with ten plus dishes to make at the same time. He spends the night throwing around ingredients and dishes in the kitchen, cursing, unapproachable, and short tempered all evening long. He leaves the restaurant with elevated blood pressure because he was forced to tackle a hard shift alone, and he also worries about his son that just got shipped overseas.

It’s the single mother of two, who is balancing everything. She carries the household expenses, and is the primary influence and character leader for her two young children. She burns dinner, distracted. She looses her cool, curses, yells and throws a dish up against the wall. Her kids watch in fright, and she feels regret the remainder of the night. Her husband died six months ago.

It’s the least successful and least talented child of four siblings, who never reaches the parent’s approval or acceptance – but still, always striving. But yet, they never receive a hug, or a “high five” for their achievements. Those achievements are smaller than their siblings accomplishments, so, no praise is ever received. The child stops trying altogether.. and they run away from home in hopes that they can seek out love and appreciation elsewhere.

So, you see?

There is a neglected, ignored, unrecognizable or misunderstood emotion that we all feel – and sometimes it pulses out of us with little or no warning. The end result isn’t always pleasant. Our truth, or “instinctive munitions” are never always gracefully received by another because of differing “authentic defense” mechanisms. Each person is their own unique soul, that is uniquely tailored to handle situations differently.

When the pain of a delivered emotion leaves a lingering sting… we need to look past what we see on the surface, and understand the battle our brother or sister is fighting. We don’t always see the magnitude of the battle of another, so, digesting the difficulty of an inner flesh war, is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

Despite the conflicts, the battles, the struggles…. the sun will rise tomorrow.

Let us march forward every day, looking ahead, and never behind – unless it’s for reflection. Use this reflection, as a beacon, for a guiding light for your journey today.

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4 Replies to “Authentic Defense and Instinctive Munitions”

  1. Wow…this one has me in tears. Hits home in so many ways. You are so wise for your young years…my old-soul recognizes your old-soul! You need a column in a newspaper so all can gain from your wisdom! ❤

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  2. Leslie, you are an amazing woman who God is using to touch others. Kieth and I are so proud of the woman you are becoming. We love you my daughter other parents.

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