Faith That Limps

When I created this blog, I gave it the name “Faith With A Limp” for several reasons.

My name isn’t “Faith,” it’s actually Leslie – (which most of you know.) If we haven’t met, it’s nice to meet you! My name isn’t Faith, but I definitely do in fact have a bit of a permanent physical limp. This is due to atrophied inner calf muscles, and minimal motor function from the ankles down. But there is a double meaning behind the name. As a Christian, sometimes my faith limps as well. I would imagine that most Christians can relate to at least the periodic “faith limp” that is experienced when you follow Jesus. Can I get a witness?


God doesn’t ask us to have monumental, sky scraper faith. He asks that we have faith the size of a mustard seed. Do you have any idea how small that that is? It’s tiny. I mean super tiny. A little bit of faith, and a whole lotta Jesus go a long way! I think that fact is underestimated, even by the staunchest believers. And it’s not that it’s intentional – we know what our Lord is capable of!


I think it’s just the pain, turmoil, and general world hysteria that make us forget, or even doubt. It’s easy to get your feet buried in the ambiguous quicksand that society tries to ensnare us in. Nobody likes to sit with their problems – and that stretches to all humanity. There are endless social media platforms to reach out on, or complain on. Some look for encouragement, while others seek sympathy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking companionship through a trial, or compassion through a rough season. It’s even understandable to vent to a friend or loved one about your struggles.

The problem lies within a certain sector of mankind, who has this incessant need or desire to be constantly cynical, and weave webs of “woe is me” to anyone and everyone who will listen, or read. These people can be exhausting, and if we aren’t careful to guard our spirit – they can become toxic. This certainly doesn’t describe everyone – but I have seen it. Whether it’s for attention, or it’s a legitimate permanent state of mind for someone, it’s addictively unhealthy. Read that last sentence again if you need to. Misery loves company. Who are you spending time with? Who, or what are you listening to? Just make sure your confidant is a conqueror, not a quitter.


Think about it for a moment. Everything you care about, you spend time strengthening, securing, or boosting.

Your child, or your dog – you encourage, or train. Your body and physical fitness – you strengthen, or build. Your spouse – you love and embrace. Your home – you secure, and protect.

It’s my belief that Jesus encourages and trains us. He builds and strengthens us. He loves us beyond expressible words, and embraces us. He secures us, and protects us – from things that are both seen, and unseen. He trains and strengthens us by sending trials and challenges. I know it seems unfair, but it’s done because of love. Edification for His warrior child.

Children are directed by parents. Athletes are pushed by coaches. Employees are guided by employers. I could lay down other examples but hopefully you’re picking up what I’m laying down. Lazy people are left to the wayside or forgotten. So, if you’re finding yourself with a fire lit under your rear, someone saw something worthwhile in you.

Faith that gets fortified, is first challenged by fire. By pressure. By pain. By loss. By tears. By hopelessness. Faith isn’t built upon a sunshine and daisies problem-less foundation – it’s built by enduring and battling. Misfortune and anguish are two of the best faith trainers there are, and anyone in the throes of it will be the first to throw up a “Hallelujah.” No, it’s not fun. And it’s certainly not what we imagined for ourselves, but I can 100% tell you that its the ride of a lifetime, and illuminates life lessons that we were once previously blinded from. It’s hard to “need” Jesus when life is Ferrari-fast and smooth as butter. Sometimes I think it’s the Lord’s intention for us to get positioned in a clunker, feel some speed bumps, maybe even a few pot holes here and there. Maybe some sideline winds, followed by a few more “Uh-oh, what does this noise mean?” moments. Ya know,” engine light on” type of attention-getter moments. Either we pay attention, or get stranded on the side of the road.

Faith that limps, is better than doubt that dictates. Our faith is guaranteed to waver throughout life – which is why our spiritual diet is so important. It’s important to fuel our faith so that it dismantles, or seriously maims the doubt that inevitably creeps in.

Surround yourself with those who lift you up, those who hold your arms up when you’re unable. (Exodus 17:12)


Hopefully you have a friend who you can limp with. But if you don’t, reach out to me – I’ll be that friend for you. This world can be harsh, it can be dark, it can be discouraging.. and it can be maddening! While we know that Jesus walks with us, it helps to have human companionship.

From this limper to you – let us boldly run the faith race, even if we need to gimp it through to the finish line.

I’ll be right beside you… and so will He.

4 Replies to “Faith That Limps”

  1. Leslie that was so powerful and much needed for many to read. There are no guarantees in life for smooth sailing for anyone but Jesus is always there for us
    You are such a bold witness for our dear Lord and Savior
    Love you so much and so proud of you and your strong faith.

    Liked by 1 person

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