Changing Colors and Changing Character

Fall colors. They’re exquisite aren’t they? I feel like every person on this planet can appreciate the Fall season. The cool crisp air, the coffees and the teas, and of course, God’s scenic Masterpiece – executed on a Heavenly easel. It’s a time of change. A new season with new beginnings and new opportunities. The cooler weather ushering in the holidays that bring everyone together… scarfs, pumpkins, lattes and hayrides, to coats, mittens, rosy noses and snow days. October through New Years are some of my favorite months.


You smell it. The percolating coffee pot is finishing the brew that you carefully made the night before. You greet the Lord silently and thank Him for another day, and wonder what the day might have in store for you. Maybe you’re already mentally mapping out the agenda for the day, the dog, the kids, the work, the appointments, and the dinner for that night. Despite everything on your mind, you stumble out of bed, throw on your favorite sweatshirt and slippers and make your way to the caffeinated bean water that just seems to make everything right in the world. The first sip tantalizes your taste buds and seems to touch your soul. You take another sip, and that seems to temporarily soothe the busy thoughts bouncing around your mind. The house is still quiet, everyone still slumbers. This solo momentary block of time is dwindling.

You look out the window and see the break of daylight over the horizon. The vibrancies of the trees effortlessly capture your attention with their magnificent shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, with some fading green leaves kissed in and amongst them. The mountain ranges are decorated with the Autumn flavors, as far as the eye can see. You study the low lying fog that gently hugs the valleys and stretches high up the mountain peaks. Those colors are still alive, even being hugged by the cloud cover. You grab an afghan off the back of the couch, throw it over your shoulders, and step out on your porch. You hear it. The faint drizzle falling to the ground, while squirrels and chipmunks scamper about on the damp forest floor. Everything is still wet from the rainstorm the night before.

The sun rises over the peak, and the golden rays kiss the colored leaves – the vibrancy is almost paralyzing to the cornea. You think, could this be any more stunning? It’s the kind of morning that couldn’t ever repeat, because the details are so authentic, a once in a lifetime sight. You take another sip of coffee, and exhale peace… tranquility. Suddenly the day doesn’t seem so daunting. The birds begin to sing their morning songs, while the sun works its way up over the mountains. The fog is lifting and you begin to feel the sun’s early morning warmth. This calm solitude won’t last forever. You slowly finish your cup of coffee and watch as the morning stretches on and your household begins to stir. You smile.

You smile because your soul was unexpectedly enriched by God’s nature beauty on this chilly morning, and now you’re greeted by the love and warmth of your family. Wet kisses from the dog, neck hugs from the children, and a warm hug from your spouse. Comfort. Security. This is home, you think to yourself. You see to the details of their morning, and pull out meat to thaw for tonight’s dinner. You’re careful and thorough – no small detail overlooked. You gather the breakfast essentials and prepare sustenance for the hungry bellies with love. Your heart swells with adoration, and your home overflows with the realized little blessings that can be so easily taken for granted. The thermoses are packed with homemade chicken noodle soup for the kids, and a big fresh thermos of hot coffee for your husband. You say farewell, but only for a little while.

You know you’re covering them in prayer, and hoping the Lord’s and your shelter of love and safety will protect and guide them back home to you. They’ll battle the world today, the same as you. And should this be the last tranquil morning, you reveled in it.


It is. Especially when you leave your home, which is your place of peace and safety. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m gonna step out on a limb and guess that literally everyone feels the nagging, the tension, and the general unsteadiness of the world right now. I hesitate to speculate – but I’m almost confident that the world is AS annoyed as I am right now. I’m sure I share the same viewpoints as certain brothers and sisters, but the general daily interaction I experience, isn’t indicative of aligned grievances.

I’ll say it.

The biggest issue, is that everyone is inflamed about polar opposite issues. We, as a people, can’t get on the same “hate-track” or at least the same angry-train, for the sake of unity. The web of division has been weaved so perfectly, and many power-hungry playing hands are involved. Too many to list.

At the risk of throwing fuel to a already well-lit fire, I’ll throw on some brake fluid, just for good measure. And, on a related, yet unrelated topic – I camped with rednecks as a teenager. I’m well aware of the flashpoint of brake fluid, as well as every other various and assorted flammable fluid pertaining to automobiles. Or anything with an engine. So, that being said, If you’re tender or timid, step back and wait for the extinguisher.


You ever watch a movie, or a show with a story line so frustrating, that it makes you yell at the television because you’re watching a crew of people who can’t get out of a tricky situation due to their own incompetence? That’s rhetorical by the way.

Anyways, tell me you can’t take a gander into present-day society and see with total clarity, that we essentially have a dysfunctional society that barely functions. You have to see that.

Here’s the deal, I think everyone is frustrated, uptight, annoyed, or straight up angry because the extremities of this “country-body” don’t know their place. You’ve got men being encouraged to be less manly and take a back seat to women we call “feminists.” We’ve got “feminists” slaughtering the future generations, some of which could have been female leaders. But, we’ll never know. We’ve got the government weighing in on how to raise our children. The children our government is targeting, don’t have enough life experience or wisdom to understand a one-sided agenda, and why they’re the main generation of target. We’ve got colleges spewing ungodly curriculum, and falsities, like how “great” socialism and one world government is, and that it’s the way of the future. They’re impressing young minds, and those young minds can’t seem to decipher why that they’re being handed everything they desire, for a reason.

The children, and the young minds grow up with a false idea of reality. They grow up with this idea that the world is unconditionally in their corner, and that anything goes. These are girls who are being taught to believe salacious clothing has no consequence. These are young boys, who are being taught to objectify, instinctually. And so many can’t see it.

These are the future generations who aren’t being taught to be men of honor, and to be women with class. Think about that for a minute.

We wonder why as wives, our husbands are misguided, or aren’t men at all. And the husbands, I’m sure they wonder where they can find a virtuous wife.


Where are the morals? Where are the backbones? The gender roles are being eradicated so that when society crumbles for it’s final time – there’ll be lost souls, because of bankrupted character. Read that again if you need to.

The seasons will come and go. They always do.

But this Fall season, be consistent in character, and fervent with the qualities God designed for you to have. Be bold men who honor their wives, and lead their children. Be strong and courageous women who fight the world for their families sake. Be the unchanged soul, in this ever changing world. Hold the sword of bravery, and keep the temperance of a saint until you need to be a soldier.

Trust me, the time is coming for unwavering souls to be the sword and shield of the final battle.

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      1. I am an aunt to many, but to no one in Georgia!  So I welcome it!  I love you too and I’ve kept you on my prayer list. I am still making the same soap after 15 years of it.  We just can’t seem to use any other :)We love it too.  Thank you! I miss you too.  I still remember the first time I saw you at work.  You were the best! I mean that!

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