From relic to revolution

I’m about to embark on a pretty lightly traveled trail. Freezing tumors, instead of resecting them. Cryoablation is essentially a new age, “not even heard of,” treatment for nerve tumors.

With each day that passes, brings me closer to procedure day. A couple months ago, September 24th seemed so far away, and now, here we are, just eight days away. I’m anxious and nervous all at the same time. But, most of all, I’m hopeful. Hopeful for a new course of treatment, especially if it brings the success we are hoping for.

There has been some confusion as to this procedure “taking care of,” or essentially curing my current situation at hand. I wish that were the case, but, not with this particular treatment, this time, at least. If it brings the success of relief, then onward ho with going after more tumors!

So this time, for those who may not yet know, we are going after the tumors on the Pudendal nerve. Where is this nerve, and why are they thinking that eradicating invaders on this nerve will help alleviate some of the nerve pain I’m experiencing? Google, my friends. You can always find more descriptions, and illustrations if you’d like, but, found a basic description for you guys.

The Pudendal Nerve is found in the pelvis. It is the biggest division of the Pudendal Plexus (a network of nerves) and is located behind the sacrospinous ligament, near the tailbone. The nerve extends from the sacral plexus, through the Pudendal canal, the perineum, and the gluteal (buttock) regions. The condition known as Pudendal neuralgia can cause both bladder and anal incontinence. Other symptoms include chronic constipation, rectal pain, and sexual dysfunction.

Pudendal nerve entrapment is another form of pudendal neuralgia. This condition causes phantom pain (pain related to an area that isn’t actually part of the body) in the lower regions of the pelvis, penis and scrotum, vulva, anus, and perenium. @healthline

How’s that for a ride on the magic school bus? You guys with me now?

So, when Dell and I met with Dr. Prologo, he said that almost every symptom I reported, reflected that of the patients who had Pudendal Neuralgia. The only difference being, is that my Pudendal nerve is loaded down with tumors, emitting essentially similar pains. So, in other cases, neuralgia of this nerve can be caused by intense childbirth, or really anything that causes this nerve to take a beating, prolonged sitting (hey I do this all day imagine that) or horseback riding. Cyclists are actually known for this type of neuralgia too, which means the three years I mountain biked, didn’t help my situation any. I digress.

Some of my symptoms do mirror some of the reported Pudendal neuralgia cases, and this is probably me just being partial to the myriad of super epic nerve pain that people with Schwannomatosis feel, but, my Pudendal pain also brings awesome sensations to the table, (major sarcasm for those who don’t know me personally.) Take your pick, dull serrated knife that slowly saws its way through the rectum, periodically, or all day long, depends. Hot carving lightning, that’s a given with nerve tumors. Can’t forget the needle stake that feels like it’s wedged sideways, (this one is super special, it makes it’s iconic presence only a handful of times per month.) Oh yeah! Remember the game where you laid a pile of jacks on the floor, bounced a rubber ball near them, and picked up as many jacks as you could before the ball comes back down? Yeah. Me too. But I prefer the game go on outside of my rectum instead.

Hopefully, some of the aforementioned will be annihilated within six weeks after this procedure, which will help cut down on a lot of what I feel in the nether-regions. I will still have hundreds more scattered throughout the pelvic area, as well as the tumors in other uncharted territories, but hey, small victories right?


Is this not the coolest bridge picture? My husband took this picture a week ago on the Toccoa river. What’s even cooler is that I got to see this bridge in this moment the picture was taken.

This was my first time on Dell’s boat in our entire time together, and he and I couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t taken that kind of time together before last week, but we will definitely be making more time like this in the future! What made this little float down the river so memorable, was the moment itself. We had the time, pain was minimal, and we seized the day. The time together, with our sweet girl, was so perfect. I hadn’t been on, or near any water in two years, so this peaceful float was emotionally sweet for me.

Dell even got to fish some! This day, it was a change from the guide life. More casting, less coaching, more peace, less work – for the both of us. It was nice, it was needed. Talk about freezing moments in time… if there were ever a morning, a moment, this goes under my top ten amazing memories.

This day was too incredible to not share with you guys!

Perception is everything. Yes, the everyday downtrodden pain, stress, anxiety, worry, or whatever cataclysmic emotional roller coaster you’re strapped to right now – probably isn’t your preference, nor your forte. It may not be desirable, or fun. Embrace the ride for what it is. Learn from it, grow from it, gain strength from it.


Tenacity, courage, persistence, and the will to keep going, instead of throwing in the towel of fatigue and defeat – changes our perspective on life. Soon, we begin to see the the upcoming victory, despite each failure. Our eyes are opened to see the beauty through the flaws, and the joy through the tears that are shed. We begin to see that even though this life is rugged, and tough, it is also fragile, and oh so intricate. It is delicately laced with grace. It is hemmed with blessings, and stitched with triumph.

Praise God for all these precious moments that shape us into the warrior that Christ designed us to be.

Embrace both the ruggedness, and the intricacy of life.

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  1. Sorry, so sorry to hear about your health issue. I hadn’t heard of this peticular problem, but I sure would not want it, and sorry you have to suffer with it.
    At this time of our lives we are aware that health issues are no longer if, but what and when. Good luck and God bless.

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  2. I am praying for some big relief for you after the 24th!!!😘🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    So happy reading about that moment in time with your loves. I know that you treasure the moments❤️
    Love you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bless you sweetheart!
    I love you and your family….the cure for all diseases is IN the blood of JESUS.
    I encourage you to listen to testimonies on Sid Roth Its supernatural! Your faith will be built by extreme measures in a God who needs all the limits taken off of Him to do what He wants to do in our lives! Prayer is a working force that brings things to pass! Without asking amiss, prayer works and it avails much because of it’s working! Expectancy is the breeding grounds for a miracle! I have sat in the midst of miracles for a week now. I cannot explain the mercy and kindness of the Lord…its not earthly, it’s God. It is beyond what we think in our finite minds. It’s indefinable. All I can say is, get into that atmosphere, and you will be infused by the Spirit of power, and God will be glorified. Make Satan the victim…have nothing in common with him. John 14:30. And Repent. When repentance is true, it brings faith and faith brings favor from God. It brings mercy.
    You will receive more answers from the Father when everything in your life is relational, and not positional.
    God favors you! And has already been in your future…He has chosen your destiny…but the fulfilment is decided by you. Ephesians 1:11
    The plan is enroute.


  4. Just want you to know that the Lord reminds me to pray for you. I have been praying for this surgery; that it will give you major relief. Thank you for allowing the Lord to shine through your life, even with all of your pain.

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