Silent Screams

The Loudest Silence You’ve Ever Heard

Can you hear it?

It’s silent to everyone, but positively deafening for you.

Have you ever buried something so deep, an emotion, a feeling of anger, or pain, that it just comes barreling towards you like a freight train? Whatever is buried inside you, is now roaring up within you, like the conductor blowing on the horn to get out of the way. It’s so loud that it’s paralyzing. You can’t move, you can’t think, you’re just frozen in this limbo land of uncertainty, and simply stepping off the train tracks isn’t possible. Trapped by fear, physically gridlocked, mentally restrained, verbally inhibited, whatever the situation – being unbridled and free isn’t feasible in this season of silence. So it screams within you instead.

The holding of the tongue, the releasing of the clinched jaw, and the relaxing of the fists, isn’t indicative of weakness, but more so, evidence of strength and balance. The softening of the brow, and the poised verbiage, despite the vision of the freight train coming your way, is admirable. Being positioned in a state of difficulty in which you need to maintain a graceful disposition, isn’t a bad thing. Adversity shapes us, it molds unique character that can withstand a myriad of battles and opposition.

Those of us who silently battle…. we welcome you to our turf.. for God never forsakes one of His warrior children.

For you have armed me with strength for the battle; You have subdued under me those who rose up against me. Psalm 18:39

What’s stopping you from just standing in the tracks, to actually getting on that train and driving that sucker down the tracks yourself?

Drive that thing with bravery and boldness! This locomotive ain’t run by luck, but rather by Divine Direction.

Your tenacity at maintaining composure and not breaking under pressure, is courage enough, to be your own conductor, with a little help from one pretty awesome Heavenly co-pilot, Who is guiding you on this set of unique tracks.

The train tracks of life might delineate some amount of difficulty, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand just completely in the way of the misery train that’s headed your way. As we go through life, sometimes those unfortunate, and undesirable conditions or challenges are simply unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean the season of scrutiny or savagery is permanent.

Hold the line just a little longer.

Because the next destination of your life journey just might be what makes the twists and turns, tunnels and trenches worth it.

Besides… who said we couldn’t have a little fun along the way?

Get out there and conquer! This isn’t an episode of Looney Toons, the roadrunner hasn’t left a boxcar of dynamite on the tracks waiting for you. The next bend might be a blind corner, but your Co-Pilot already knows what lies ahead. Leave the unknown to the King, and enjoy the ride!

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