It Was a Cold Summer Day

The Nerve Tumor Journey Continues

You know what it’s like waiting in a doctor’s office. There’s always that unknown, that worry of being told something you don’t wanna hear. Especially if you’re being seen at a facility with a plethora of doctors and specialists, who specialize in weird, odd and rare things….. and you’re one of the rare things they’re seeing. You think, “What am I gonna be told?” Or it’s, “Is there even another treatment option other than what’s already been presented?”

Those were some of my thoughts going through my mind Wednesday as I sat and waited. I was to see a brand new someone, an Interventional Radiologist. Wednesday’s appointment was for me to consult with this doctor and maybe try and come up with some type of treatment/therapy to at least, if anything, minimize pain. After being referred, and having met with another Emory specialist beginning of July, an OB/GYN (who definitely told me that while surgery wouldn’t be impossible, he wouldn’t recommend it,) to go with the least invasive method possible. So, with this appointment with the Radiologist, I was expecting realtively basic results from this appointment as well… a “cookie cutter” run of the mill solution or two that might work for my rare case.

Boy was I wrong.

So in walks Dr. Prologo. From the warm friendly smile, to the eager handshake that he extended to both my husband and I, we were at ease immediately. His boisterous personality, the willingness to sit down, make eye contact, and include you in his suggested medical approach – will win you, because it did me. His approach to treatments and procedures is confident, without arrogance or elitism, but more so real, genuine, and true care for your situation. I didn’t feel like a patient, and I didn’t feel like I was meeting Dr. Prologo for the first time. He makes you feel welcome, and like you matter, like you’re part of the family!

Dr. Prologo has pioneered the study on “cryoablation interventional radiology.” They use CT imaging for precise guidance, so that a needle-like tool may locate the targeted area, and emit a freezing material, causing nerve endings to reduce pain signals. Dr. Prologo has successfully used this procedure to treat phantom limb pain, pain from general trauma, and cancer patients. Dr. Prologo is making huge waves in the realm of eliminating the need for opiods, with the application of cryoablation.

Dr. Prologo has had success with treating numerous cases of Pudendal Nerve Neuralgia using cryoablation. So, with my entire pelvic area riddled with nerve tumors, one of those places being my Pudendal Nerve… he said he can help me!

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After careful consideration, and a strategic method for my case, Dr. Prologo is confident that cryoablation will successfully freeze, and essentially kill all the nerve tumors on my Pudendal nerve. While Dr. Prologo has treated some Neurofibromas with this modality before, Leslie will be one of the first to undergo the freezing of several, several nerve tumors on the Pudendal Nerve, the goal is to freeze every single tumor on that nerve.

Dr. Prologo explains that the cryoablation needle freezes the tumor, and essentially the nerve it sits on. The tumor withers and dies, and the nerve regenerates in a month or so, tumor free. Temporary numbness, in exchange for a pain free Pudendal nerve. WOW. I’m still in shock.

While the Pudendal nerve is a small dent in my tumor riddled mess, it’s at least one area that will be pumping out less pain, cutting down on my pain level altogether. I feel confident that with the success rate of this treatment, we will have no reservations about proceeding with the freezing of other problematic nerve tumors sometime in the near future.

God truly has a gem in this man, as he is making such a positive wave in the medical field. By providing this revolutionary optimistic approach for patients who have found the world of medicine to be daunting and discouraging, we now have hope, peace, and excitement for better days ahead. His goal is to reach as many people as possible, so that they know there are other options out there. While sometimes surgery is necessary… the times when it’s not necessary, and you are actually able to avoid copious amounts of slicing, large gory surgical scars and heavy duty pharmaceuticals, such as opioids and other drugs that so many millions of Americans take on a daily basis, why not?

Whether you’re a cancer patient with debilitating pain, fighting Neurofibromatosis, or you are battling other painful medical conditions, don’t lose hope, as this may be the miracle treatment for you too.

“The Pudendal Nerve is hypersensitive but it had always been impossible to get to it. With the cryoablation probe, we thought we could do that. And we were successful, Prologo said.”

“We freeze the pain source. Patients who could only take opioids before are now free of those with cryoablation,” he said. “Patients with years of pelvic pain are cured with one treatment.”

Dr. Prologo
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So, here’s to new beginnings! This is such a huge leap in progress and positivity for such a bleak situation.

I was clueless until Wednesday. He asked me something that day that no one had before, during this whole Neurofibromatosis journey of mine. He said something to the effect of, “What was your plan if you weren’t gonna go forward with surgery? How far did you think you could go?” And I remember hesitating.. because I truly didn’t know. I didn’t have the answer. I didn’t have a plan of action. I just told him that I was gonna wait it out, “limp” it down the road as long as possible. I of course hoped the tumors wouldn’t grow any more than what they already had, but, if it was necessary to cut them out, then I would just deal with the numb skin, and sensory loss, and/or whatever other insane side effects would be from tumor removal. It would have been an absolute last resort given the area.

I never in a million years dreamed that I would be a candidate for such a treatment.. because I didn’t know it was even possible. Especially for me. I was ecstatic when he confidently smiled, and said: “I think I can help you.”

It was a throw my head into my hands and praise Jesus moment if there ever was one.

There’s never not any hope. Bloom where you are planted. Plow forward in diversity. And keep the faith, even if you’re only able to limp it along. God will do the rest. All you need is a tiny seed to grow something.

Grow something beautiful.

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