Is your path one of defiance or dedication? Warriors are never bred into the environment they feel they need to be in. They just know they are cut from a different material, and have a desire to do the unthinkable, or the unpredictable.

What is your unthinkable, or unpredictable? How impossible are your odds?


We are the CEO of our own lives, as far as how we execute the tasks that lay before us, and the manner in which we approach them. I realize this may strike a nerve or two, but we are solely responsible for our accomplishments, and our failures. Deny and deflect, or acknowledge and take action?

In our lives, our “mind and body company,” if you will, we are either an asset or an annoyance, a conqueror or a cry baby. There can be no victory or achievement through eyes that live within the confines of a sympathy existence.

Victory within the flesh doesn’t exactly reflect an image of the iconic “gold medal,” or a physical trophy that we can put on a shelf, sometimes it’s about abolishing mental distractions so you can pray without distraction. That’s a victory within itself, small as it may seem. Victories don’t always mean winning the race. Sometimes the victory can be measured by the courage to plow forward, trusting in Divine direction, despite our human tendencies to shrivel up in excuses, or straight up back down altogether.

Are we missing incredible God-given opportunities by retreating in fear? Often scary, unfamiliar, or straight up undesirable conditions of a situation that we maybe tend to view as “bad timing,” or.. “This isn’t the way it was supposed to happen, this is how it was supposed to go down.. ” is usually EXACTLY how He designed it to be. Our mental position on a particular viewpoint isn’t God’s viewpoint at all.

Nine times out of ten, our gauntlet is His Launching Pad, to propel us for a greater battle, ultimately resulting in a HUGE unforeseen blessing, revealing His Glory! The struggle that we face today, only further equips us for our next place in Divine positioning.

Physical disadvantage doesn’t delineate the outcome of the battle.

We ask for small things, easy things, humanly achievable things – and we never push the faith boundary, or the Divinely limitless boundaries by means of Godly standards. We serve a God who SPECIALIZES in the unthinkable, inconceivable, and unimaginable possibilities! Our Heavenly Commander in Chief sees the need for our particular strength in certain battles, that we can’t necessarily foresee. Keep the faith!

#keepthefaith #becourageous #befierce


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