The Journey Begins


Welcome! Join me on this walk through this wild ride we call life, as we navigate through deep waters, bumpy roads, steep mountains, and low valleys together! The faith game isn’t for the weak of heart or for the idle minded.

No one path is quite the same, and every affliction varies – but the Lord uses us all in different ways. Remember, He pulls from the pit, not the pedestal. 

On this journey, I’ll shine some light on some of my personal faith struggles, biggest battles, and wars I’ve not even begun to fight yet. Through medical hurdles, strained relationships, inner strength doubts, and many other unforseen twists and turns, Jesus was still the constant, and the solid ground upon which I’ve rebuilt – every, single, time.

  Despite how daunting our fears may be, or how bleak the future might seem, we know Who sits on the Throne!  I hope my journey can be inspirational for someone out there. 

Know you are not alone! 

Your friend, and sister in Christ….. many blessings.

        – Leslie Neighbours

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

5 Replies to “The Journey Begins”

  1. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I am so happy to see you share your special gift with the world. Praising God with you my beautiful best friend!

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  2. So it begins,…and the words that have already been written,..and the ones yet to be written will Chronicle this journey of Trust in your walk with Christ. Leslie, are an inspiration and an example of walking daily by Faith in the face of pain and adversity. As your earthly Father,..I can only imagine the depth of Love demonstrated by our Heavenly Father who gave his only Son so that we may have Eternal Life. May the words written here continue to encourage others on daily basis. I love You!

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  3. I’m so excited to follow, grow, and share in your journey Leslie! I’ve always said you are gifted in writing and should publish all that you’ve already written so with this media let it begin to touch all that you are meant to touch and bless! Love you!

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  4. Being able to communicate through words is such a special gift, and you’ve got that gift. Thank you for starting us on a journey that will be special!

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  5. What a blessing you are, I thank God for alowing me to cross path with such an amazing lady.. so much to learn from you child, so much…love your heart and your mind. ❤❤

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